Sunday, April 10, 2016

     Bright Shining Luster - Great Upgrade
Nothing beats chrome for a little something extra and that special touch on your prized machine. Get the eye catching shine & durable luster that will give you years of heartfelt Murphy pride. A MURPHY CYCLES EXCLUSIVE !
The same Quality 4130 Cro-Mo steel and brazed lugged crown we offer on our standard frames but then beautifully wrapped in layers of show quality hand polished nickel & chromium.
Threadless.  Guaranteed to make you smile. 
1-1/8" threadless 37.3CM crown-axle - Curved w/eyelets - 4CM Offset - Tires to 32C+
Seamus1-1/8"  threadless 37.1CM crown-axle - Straight bladed - 3.8CM Offsett - Tires 28C
Marty1" threadless 36.9CM crown-axle - Straight bladed - 3.5CM Offset - Tires 28C
NOTE:  Brand & model of tires & fenders always effect available clearance